Life Insurance – Is It Really Worth It?

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I always used to wonder whether paying a hefty premium for life insurance is a good idea. Granted some of us need to buy life insurance as it is mandatory under our loan agreement with the lender or comes as an add-on with our credit cards and in some instances is provided by the employer and deducted from the salary saving us a bit in our income tax. But I was wondering whether there is any value for those of us who buy life insurance paying month after month and not knowing whether it is of any real significance.

The Whole of Life insurance is slightly different as there is a pay-out at the end and if there is an investment option tied to it, then you have some more money coming back.… Read the rest


On most days, I have at least 2-3 customers asking me this question – which one is more suitable for me – Short Term Accident and Sickness Insurance or Long Term Accident & Sickness Insurance.

The differences might seem pretty obvious as both short term means that it is a short term policy and long term means it is a long term policy. Unfortunately there is more to it than just the length of benefit period. Very often we have to ask the customer as to why they are considering to buy these policies and see what is their core underlying reason rather than trying to decipher which product is suitable based on high level benefits.… Read the rest


Payment Protection Cover

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If you have ever taken out a loan or a mortgage, no doubt you will have heard of Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI. It’s important coverage for if you ever find yourself unable to cover regular financial obligations, and Best Insurance plans will do just that.

Best Insurance plans will cover you if for any reason you are unable to work, through either redundancy, falling ill or an accident, providing mortgages, rents or loan repayments. What’s more, you can explore your options via the Best Insurance website, and get an online quote all from the comfort of your own home.

By taking out Best Insurance protection, if the time comes when you ever need to use it, you can relax in the knowledge that your financial obligations are taken care of, so all you need to think about is applying for jobs and getting back to work.… Read the rest


Do You Need Income Protection Insurance?

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Most, if not all of us, need income protection insurance. Whilst in employment, it’s easy to take your monthly pay cheque for granted. Best Insurance covers you for those unpredictable times when you fall ill or have accident and are not able to work, or if you are made redundant.

Best Insurance offers short term protection so that you can continue to pay your monthly regular outgoings such as gas bills, telephone bills etc while you search for another job.

The amount you receive is usually up to 50% of your gross monthly income or £2,000, whichever is the lower. The main objective of this insurance is to provide you with a monthly income that will enable you to pay your expenses, so that you don’t have this extra stress at the same time as looking for a new job.… Read the rest


Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

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Your house is an asset, but is it protected? What if you have an accident which means you can’t work, or get made redundant and have difficulty in getting another job? Get Best Insurance’s Mortgage Payment Protection and you will never have to worry.

You never know if you might become too ill or injured to work, or even made redundant, and as stressful as that is, a Best Insurance protection plan will help you to make your mortgage repayments.

With Best Insurance you will receive a tax-free income each moth which will cover part or all of your mortgage repayments.… Read the rest


Payment Protection Plus Insurance

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If you were unable to continue making monthly payments for your mortgage, rental, loans or other regular outgoings due to loss of employment have you considered how this could negatively impact upon your and your family’s life? And how you would meet these commitments?

In these uncertain economic times anybody can suddenly find themselves out of work through redundancy, illness or an accident at work and struggling to meet financial outgoings.  The wise person will chose to take out a Payment Protection Plus Insurance policy with Best Insurance to ensure that they are covered in these unfortunate circumstances.

Payment Protection Plus Insurance from Best Insurance will provide financial assistance to meet your monthly outgoings.  … Read the rest


Where To Get The Best Life Insurance Cover

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For the majority of people we work and save hard to make a better life and future for our family and loved ones. Because we care about those who mean the most to us one of the biggest worries if you are the main wage earner, is how your family would survive financially if you were to sadly pass away unexpectedly or prematurely. Your death could leave your family with a heavy financial burden that they may find difficult to meet if you have a mortgage or loan and are not covered by life insurance.

Best Insurance is here to help solve those worries with a range of life insurance policies for you to choose from that will meet your personal requirements and ensure that in the unfortunate event of your death, your family is not left burdened by your financial commitments that have not been paid off.… Read the rest


Find the best income protection insurance online

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It is very easy to take your monthly income for granted, but If you suddenly find yourself out of work due to redundancy, illness or through an accident at work, the thought of how you will meet your monthly outgoings with no wages can be very worrying and stressful. Plus this situation can also have major repercussions on your family life. The wise choice is to protect your income with an income protection policy from Best Insurance.

Income protection from Best Insurance will offer you financial assistance should you become unexpectedly unemployed to meet your monthly outgoings, taking away the stress and hassle of worrying about paying bills etc.… Read the rest


What is the best mortgage payment insurance?

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Have you ever considered how you would meet your mortgage repayments in the event that you lost your job or source of income? Dipping into savings can only realistically be viewed as a short term measure. If you are saving for a purpose such as retirement, your children’s education or home improvements, this is an option that can seriously affect those future plans. The prudent answer to this problem is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

Best Insurance offer Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) which is a form of payment protection for your mortgage that will provide you with the much needed financial support to help you meet your mortgage repayments should you suddenly find yourself out of a job.… Read the rest


Payment Protection Insurance

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If you have regular financial commitments such as a mortgage, rent, credit card or loan re-payments have you ever wondered how you would pay these bills if you were to unfortunately lose your job?  Illness, injury through an accident at work or even redundancy can happen to anyone and can mean that you are unable to work and therefore unable to meet your promised repayments on your financial outgoings, which could have major long term repercussions on both yourself and your family.

The expert advisors at Best Insurance are here to help with an affordable way to protect yourself and your family against the unforeseen impact of unemployment on your financial obligations – Payment Protection Insurance.… Read the rest