Santander is recruiting 600 new staff

On September 6, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Kesh Thukaram

Some positive news at last.

It has been reported widely in the media today that Santander plans to recruit about 600 new staff.

The Spanish bank Santander – acquired 318 branches and 1.8m customers from RBS last month. Though the FT reported this morning that Santander would recruit upto 6,000 people, Santander slammed the reports as


The FT today has made an attempt to highlight the key issues with public sector middle level managers who are facing the threat of job losses. It is inevitable that the job losses will be more than 600,000 as for every public sector worker in the UK, there is at least one more in the private sector whose role is dependant on the activities of the public sector.

The issue is which segment i.e. what roles in the public sector are at maximum risk of redundancy. The risk being made redundant by the public sector and not possessing the skill sets to enter the private sector.… Read the rest


RBS Slashes more than 3,500 jobs – the impact…

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The latest announcement of RBS cutting 3,500 jobs is part of its programme to shed over 9,000 people that was announced last year. Last week RBS announced that 14 of its 27 offices in its insurance division that comprises of Churchill and Direct Line will be closed.

There will be little impact of these announcements in the next few months. The jobs cull would start next year and run through to the end of 2012. The impact and domino effect of these job losses from mid next year is bound to have severe impact on the cities where these job cuts are made.… Read the rest