More woe for NHS staff, as 50,000 job cuts have recently been announced.

Announcements have been made recently that a further 50,000 jobs are to be shed across the National Health Service.

Health campaigners have concerns that the redundancies will include doctors, nurses and midwives. This is in direct contrast with announcements made towards the end of last year which were forecast at far less than the figures given.

The news has come on top of the government curtailing spending by the NHS, who in turn are putting further pressure on their managers to find even more savings due to increasing demands on the budgets provided to the whole sector.… Read the rest


Inflation in the UK has risen steadily over the last year. The Bank of England have confirmed that action will need to be taken in order to control further increases. A suggested raise in current interest rates has increased the concerns facing most UK households.

A majority of individuals do not pay attention to what percentage rate UK inflation fluctuates at. What triggers their interest and raises alarm bells is the continuing increase in normal living expenses, fuel, food shopping, travel and heating costs are all telltale signs.

With most families already reigning in spending, increased costs of living expenses is pushing most people to the limits of their budgets.

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There are more than two million people employed in various call centres across UK. Until a few years ago, it was fashionable and economically attractive for companies to offshore their operations. Cost pressures and better valuation of the business with off-shore, forced many businesses to transfer their operations to countries like India and South Africa. The myriad of customer service problems encountered due to this led several companies to re-locate operations back to the UK. The companies that re-located to the UK started using “UK based call centres as one of their USPs”.

Call centres have been once again in the news as some ones have been forced to close shop due to changing business landscape in the UK.

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Private enterprise our last hope

On March 9, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Kesh Thukaram

If anyone has been listening to the radio, TV or read any of the newspapers in the last few days, it is highly unlikely that they would have missed some of the headline grabbing statements made by the Prime Minister David Cameron supporting the private sector enterprises. He has also been trying hard to inject energy into the start of Tories