Made Redundant

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I must admit I got inspired by one of the BBC articles today to write about this. Rarely do I share my personal views on my business blog and making one of those exceptions so please indulge me a bit. Just to reproduce what I read on the BBC site. It was a card that was meant to be given to people who have lost jobs recently. There is a motivational statement in the inside page but the title says it all –


The stock markets around the world have recovered a bit today and this has immediately reflected in the gold prices softening a bit. Analysts have been commenting that the confidence of investor


Changing Landscape Of Income Protection Insurance

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As the economic landscape of the UK changes from being a home-owner based mortgage driven and debt oriented society to that of a long term rental society, so are the requirements of the people to protect their assets.

People in the age group of less than 40 no longer view it essential to have a life insurance or critical illness insurance and instead opting for income protection insurance. The change is due to the fact that less and less people are buying new homes and hence they don


In the UK, every year there are about 1,000,000 Life Insurance policies sold, about 500,000 Critical Illness Insurance policies sold and just about 100,000 Income Protection Insurance policies sold. The question that is being increasingly asked especially by organisations such as the Protection Task Force is should the skew be not the other way around.

There is a lot of legitimacy in this challenge as after all losing income due to either redundancy, accident or sickness is more plausible in one