Find the best income protection insurance online

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It is very easy to take your monthly income for granted, but If you suddenly find yourself out of work due to redundancy, illness or through an accident at work, the thought of how you will meet your monthly outgoings with no wages can be very worrying and stressful. Plus this situation can also have major repercussions on your family life. The wise choice is to protect your income with an income protection policy from Best Insurance.

Income protection from Best Insurance will offer you financial assistance should you become unexpectedly unemployed to meet your monthly outgoings, taking away the stress and hassle of worrying about paying bills etc.… Read the rest


What is the best mortgage payment insurance?

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Have you ever considered how you would meet your mortgage repayments in the event that you lost your job or source of income? Dipping into savings can only realistically be viewed as a short term measure. If you are saving for a purpose such as retirement, your children’s education or home improvements, this is an option that can seriously affect those future plans. The prudent answer to this problem is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

Best Insurance offer Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) which is a form of payment protection for your mortgage that will provide you with the much needed financial support to help you meet your mortgage repayments should you suddenly find yourself out of a job.… Read the rest


Payment Protection Insurance

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If you have regular financial commitments such as a mortgage, rent, credit card or loan re-payments have you ever wondered how you would pay these bills if you were to unfortunately lose your job?  Illness, injury through an accident at work or even redundancy can happen to anyone and can mean that you are unable to work and therefore unable to meet your promised repayments on your financial outgoings, which could have major long term repercussions on both yourself and your family.

The expert advisors at Best Insurance are here to help with an affordable way to protect yourself and your family against the unforeseen impact of unemployment on your financial obligations – Payment Protection Insurance.… Read the rest


Cisco’s announcement to cut 1,800 jobs in addition to Air France’s 5000 jobs and Citroen’s 8,000 jobs just indicate that the job cuts in manufacturing sector is far from over. While there seems to be a little talking up of the economy and the unemployment numbers have been reducing, what has not is the spate of announcements from big manufacturers. The difference this time is that the unemployment figures are coming from big manufacturers as against small and medium enterprises which used to be the maximum chunk a few months ago.

The bad news about the downgrading of Germany’s AAA credit rating does not help.… Read the rest


Future Of Income Protection Insurance In The UK

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Income Protection Insurance is one of the most common protection products that gets a lot of media coverage apart from life insurance. The gender directive, RDR and the fact that the Government has launched a “Simple Products” initiative does bring a lot of attention to income protection insurance range of products.

There are fundamentally two types of products depending on the length of the benefit term. The short term income protection insurance pay up to 12 months of benefits, though some pay about 18 months. The long term income protection insurance pays until the age of 65 years and with some insurers until the age of 70 years.… Read the rest