Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

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Your house is an asset, but is it protected? What if you have an accident which means you can’t work, or get made redundant and have difficulty in getting another job? Get Best Insurance’s Mortgage Payment Protection and you will never have to worry.

You never know if you might become too ill or injured to work, or even made redundant, and as stressful as that is, a Best Insurance protection plan will help you to make your mortgage repayments.

With Best Insurance you will receive a tax-free income each moth which will cover part or all of your mortgage repayments.… Read the rest


Payment Protection Plus Insurance

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If you were unable to continue making monthly payments for your mortgage, rental, loans or other regular outgoings due to loss of employment have you considered how this could negatively impact upon your and your family’s life? And how you would meet these commitments?

In these uncertain economic times anybody can suddenly find themselves out of work through redundancy, illness or an accident at work and struggling to meet financial outgoings.  The wise person will chose to take out a Payment Protection Plus Insurance policy with Best Insurance to ensure that they are covered in these unfortunate circumstances.

Payment Protection Plus Insurance from Best Insurance will provide financial assistance to meet your monthly outgoings.  … Read the rest


Where To Get The Best Life Insurance Cover

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For the majority of people we work and save hard to make a better life and future for our family and loved ones. Because we care about those who mean the most to us one of the biggest worries if you are the main wage earner, is how your family would survive financially if you were to sadly pass away unexpectedly or prematurely. Your death could leave your family with a heavy financial burden that they may find difficult to meet if you have a mortgage or loan and are not covered by life insurance.

Best Insurance is here to help solve those worries with a range of life insurance policies for you to choose from that will meet your personal requirements and ensure that in the unfortunate event of your death, your family is not left burdened by your financial commitments that have not been paid off.… Read the rest