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Your house is an asset, but is it protected? What if you have an accident which means you can’t work, or get made redundant and have difficulty in getting another job? Get Best Insurance’s Mortgage Payment Protection and you will never have to worry.

You never know if you might become too ill or injured to work, or even made redundant, and as stressful as that is, a Best Insurance protection plan will help you to make your mortgage repayments.

With Best Insurance you will receive a tax-free income each moth which will cover part or all of your mortgage repayments. Not only do they offer you 100% of your mortgage amount, but you can have the added benefit of financial support amounting to a maximum of 50% above that total.

This way, Best Insurance makes it possible to make additional payments such as gas, electric, and telephone bills, school fees, etc.

Each mortgage protection plan is individual to suit you in the best possible way. In most cases, once you are out of work your first Best Insurance payment will arrive between 30-60 days from the date you are unemployed, lasting for 12-24 months.

Best Insurance will advise you on the right insurance cover for you, so don’t leave yourself at risk and get in touch today by calling 0330 330 946.

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