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During this personalized session, I thoroughly evaluate your dog or puppy’s needs, identify and address any questions or concerns you may have, and teach you specifically how to engage with your dog to achieve your desired outcomes. Managing a leash-reactive dog. What to do?The first line of thought might be: Am I fostering co-dependence?Am I giving my dog attention whenever he demands it?Can I never keep my hands off of my dog and stroke and pet him almost constantly?Have I not left him alone for a long time and all of a sudden expect him to be OK all alone? I’m still training him regularly and feeding him the raw diet, and it’s really making a difference. Get step-by-step training help for your leash reactive dog. Download this PDF and share it with the dog adopters and foster caregivers in your community to teach them: What leash reactivity is and what behaviors are associated with it; Why some dogs are leash reactive Sydney lived in a rule free house until he was 8 months old. I am 90% certain the reativity is due to frustration, because he is fine off leash at day care or in a park. However that fussiness can be remedied easily by making food a valuable commodity. Sign in/up He asked if I could I come for 2-3 days in a row and teach him basic manners and how to walk on a leash. You save by paying for everything up-front! Oreo responded to her right from the get-go. Our basic on-leash focused training program which addresses common behavioral issues and establishes rules of engagement. My 11 year old lab Alex’s arthritis was catching up with him. Using management can be a valid teaching pathway for both you and your dog. We have been working with Elisabeth for a few months and Sydney is a different dog! Our only challenge now, is can these folks train us to understand and work in this way with Zeus? He was able to pass many…, My 11 year old lab Alex’s arthritis was catching up with him. Behavior modification doesn’t come with a 100 percent guarantee; there is always the possibility that a dog will revert back to leash reactivity under a perfect storm of circumstances. Trying to learn from teaching when on the spot isn’t easy. Identifying Leash Reactivity In Your Dog And What To Do Next Leash reactivity, leash lunging, leash barking, leash aggression and leash tension are caused by many factors ranging from genetics, early accidental reinforcement, a tight leash, mimicked behavior, or a traumatic event. She has become such a support system providing me with endless skills, knowledge and tranquility through all the magical little “puppy crisis” moments along the way. with Linkedin, Sign in/up Needless to say, we were besides ourselves. with Google. The Engage-Disengage Game uses positive reinforcement methods and provides a structured way to reduce a stress response and train a safe and appropriate behavior instead. Is your dog barking often or uncontrollably? Hi Elisabeth, after you left today, I took Chi-chi for a walk. Roberta Remy and David Shields. What I love about Elisabeth is that she looks at the companion animal as a whole being!! For more exercises to help with this very important topic let DogRelations give you a private dog behavior lesson and show you the many ways you can make feeding time fun and educational at the same time. Contact the Pet Helpline. Once you found how much space you need to give your dog to remain relaxed enough not to freak out you can then start to counter condition him to those triggers by classical or Pavlovian conditioning so the dog sees a trigger and thinks “roast beef” = “drool”. She…. Thanks for helping to make this day possible. It was clear…, I think this story is worth retelling because I see so many people waiting for their dog to make a “ mistake” rather than manage their behavior! Thank you God and Elisabeth! Do you think he had a bad experience? A dog barking at other dogs on leash has become so common, that trainers have coined the term “Leash Reactive” to describe the behavior. This is often referred to as “leash reactivity” and it’s very common. So we teach, practice and reward all of those skills with distractions as well! I could not bear the thought of living a life of constant fear about him and for him and you actually have lifted a terrible and ominous weight off of the situation. Ideally, we control the dog’s environment…, Providing your puppy with clear boundaries leads to great outcomes for you and them! In general, however, a leash-reactive dog can be brought to the point where most of the time he doesn’t show those behaviors. So you think: I’ll just brush him a little bit to get rid of those mats that…, In my work with puppies I often find that related issues pop up in waves. Once you put a leash on a dog his ability to reach that comfort zone is greatly limited. Elisabeth is quite focused. Even when a dog doesn’t follow through with aggressive behaviors, it is still a problem and can turn into aggression left unchecked. As soon as the dog offers an acceptable replacement behavior, like sitting nicely, or even just having all four paws on the floor, reward your dog highly. To me Elisabeth does what no other trainer can (or is willing to commit to) and takes customer service to an entirely new level. Leash Reactivity If you have a reactive dog, you most likely struggle on a weekly/daily basis with the idea that you have a “bad” dog. Oreo loves to see Elisabeth and is always exhausted after her workouts. Often, humans fuel the fire by accidentally rewarding undesirable behaviors, which leads to a bigger problem. At DogRelations we use a variety of behavioral tools (desensitization, counter conditioning, classical/ Pavlovian conditioning and functional rewards) to allow your dog to re-associate those triggers with something wonderful. Yes, on-leash reactivity can either be fear-based or it can be frustration-based and, for social dogs without impulse control, being restrained by the leash is a source of frustration that can quickly spiral upwards to stress and arousal that displays itself as 'reactivity'. Remember, if your dog reacts to another dog, don’t punish them as this can destroy any positive associations you’ve created. Of course when humans get into the mix these behaviors become a lot less cute and, depending on the intensity, problematic and unacceptable. Your dog can then experience his triggers as a predictor of overwhelmingly positive and primal experiences. New Year's resolutions often involve getting more exercise, and this includes dogs as well. Have Patience. lunging, barking, snarling or even snapping at others, dog to ask politely for food, toys and attention. Fortunately, there are straightforward, dog-friendly techniques for dealing with leash reactivity that can help bring peace back to your daily strolls. Just think about what would happen if you had to act on every thought that ran through your mind? Parenthetically, she’s extremely professional, reliable, and trustworthy. with Facebook, Sign in/up Save $300 when you book 3 sessions! – Identify the motivation for your dog’s on-leash aggression and address it accordingly. That is true for…, We use the internet every day to find much-needed answers to questions about our pets happiness, health and training. Essentially, you can build a reward history in your dog by associating great outcomes with specific events and circumstances. Let us take the worry from you and replace it with practical and goal-oriented advice. She considers how and what the dog is being fed, the lifestyle and all established habits in the relationship between the client and the dog. with Twitter, Sign in/up Discovering that your dog is kind of shy or fearful can be frustrating. Even something as simple as dominant play can lead to a host of problems with people and other dogs. You can tell that she truly loves dogs, and is working with a great deal of knowledge in the field. Most of the time you actually do not perform at the same level as when you are laughing and relaxed. Suppose your dog would encounter something strange or scary or simply something he would first like to evaluate for himself while he were off leash. He barks a bit at the door, but calms quickly. Quite simply, Elisabeth is great. As a trainer that has been working with the public for the past 14 years, this is probably by far the most concerning behavior that is … New Puppy for Christmas? I am ever grateful to Freddie and Myrna for discussing our problem with you and I am ever grateful to you for your amazing expertise and for being so generous in sharing this with us. Well, if you admonish your dog when he barks, you are giving him attention for an undesirable behavior. Over the past 10+ years I’ve dealt with hundreds of dogs who have this behavior, both as puppies and adult dogs. Dog Relations advocates science-based and force-free learning opportunities and experiences. While leash reactivity may look like aggression, dog leash reactivity is a defensive strategy to avoid confrontations with other dogs. We love admiring how cute they are, how smart they are and we…, This morning my young dog Snorri gave me reason for pride. It can classically condition your dog to look forward to when he is left alone. Having grown up in a house surrounded by horses and dogs I was reluctant to get a trainer, as I clearly knew what I was doing. If your dog is basically not aggressive then most likely the excessive barking is a behavior that has been inadvertently reinforced. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s just bad behavior. Leash manners (no pulling) Coming when called. If you've ever struggled with your dog's barking and lunging on walks, you know the immense frustration this behavior causes. We just thought it was a newer, more modern way to train dogs. – Teach yourself and your dog to practice deep breathing to reduce both your stress levels when faced with an approaching dog. This includes the Off-Leash K9 Training E-Collar which all of our dogs are trained on, a 20 foot leash, and includes all FOUR lessons. I never knew that was the reason for that kind of training. But reactivity on a leash is a common problem, making it less likely for owners to venture out with their dogs. A happy dog is a dog who knows what to do in most situations and which behaviors pay off the most in his favor. You may even take that failure so harshly that you stop training altogether to avoid the embarrassment. I can truly say that she understands the dogs’ needs and the reasons for their behavioral issues. Learn how to reward your dog by reinforcing the calm, polite and attentive behaviors. We do not view basic skills as a “trick” that you have to ask for, but as behaviors your dog knows to display because of the situation they are in. When we worked with the folks at Santa Fe Tails previously, no one ever said that. Your dog would have the ability to back off from the scary trigger to a distance where he could think straight again and find a way to get passed the trigger comfortably or avoid it. That means your dog will not “defend” his bowl or food when someone walks near him while he is eating. Get step-by-step training help for your leash reactive dog and enjoy more relaxing walks together. Think again! Rocky is doing so well! Warm regards, To Madison, she is playtime! Additionally, always reward your puppy highly when he is calm, has all four paws on the floor or plays nicely with one of his toys. And finally your wonderful explanation of deferential behavior gives us such hope for Zeus’s future. The dog may try to lunge and pull towards people and dogs, barking or showing aggressive or extremely alert body language. If you have a reactive dog, you most likely struggle on a weekly/daily basis with the idea that you have a “bad” dog. Cost: FREE (as always!) What is Leash Reactivity? Dog Training & Behavior Modification nyc & the Hudson Valley LEASH REACTIVITY / AGGRESSION He used to be so friendly! She’s phenomenal! Successfully modify any nuisance behaviors that might be inadvertently reinforced such as excessive barking, barking/lunging/jumping on people entering the house, leash aggression towards other dogs or a variety of anxiety issues. Every reaction your dog has, you feel defeated and disappointed. And most of all in one simple sentence, you have explained to us the importance of the positive reinforcement training. If you have a puppy or dog who might be suffering from separation anxiety, please call us so we can help you and your dog. Dealing with Leash Reactivity Using Gentle Dog Training Methods The core of rehabbing a leash-reactive dog is changing your dog’s perception of the stressor. Suitable for non aggressive cases looking for a basic introduction to dog training. We always thought that Zeus was over protective of David, but I think you absolutely have nailed it. But what we can do is move forward, not worry about the past and make the dog feel comfortable with his fear triggers. On the sidewalks of New York…, Not long ago I was called in to help with a “completely” out of control 11 year old little dog. Sometimes I am highly amused by the way people describe the behavior of their puppy. Sometimes they react towards joggers, or people holding bags or walking with canes. She peacefully walked past at least 5 dogs…, Simba is doing great! Dear Elisabeth, Reactivity toward other dogs while on leash is one of the most common behavior problems that I see as a certified dog behavior consultant. We had an especially nice long walk this morning. Once trust was gained she progressed to more “serious” games and now I can proudly say that my pup will sit still whenever she needs to; something I know would not have happened without Elisabeth. This is sometimes known as leash-reactivity or more commonly known as leash aggression. Leash reactivity can result in undesired behaviours that put your dog in an excited, fearful or aggressive state. It is amazing to watch Elisabeth interact with Madison because you can see how she listens to the dog and tailors the training to them. Each session includes both lecture and hands-on training time with your dog with trainer supervision. Madison was a far cry from the “I’ll do anything for you” labs I grew up with. Since 2009, Instinct has helped thousands of dogs and owners co-exist together, happily and peacefully, in challenging urban environments. The Engage-Disengage Game uses positive reinforcement methods and provides a structured way to reduce a stress response and train a safe and appropriate behavior instead. Manage. Leash reactivity (sometimes referred to as leash aggression) is rampant in Denver, Colorado. For example: Coming to you when called or leaving trash on the sidewalk or not jumping up or trying to lick you when you eat or staying in place even when other dogs or cats or people walk by. For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns. Building a huge reward history in your dog’s ability to focus on you and the tasks at hand despite distractions is the goal we’d like to achieve. Even when a dog doesn’t follow through with aggressive behaviors, it is still a problem and can turn into aggression left unchecked. The leash obviously constricts freedom of space. Destructive chewing should be considered in context and relationship to when the behavior occurs. All we can say is what a blessing! We got Sydney, an 8 week old Weimaraner puppy, and didn’t have any of the proper training tools in our pockets. the Leash Reactive Dog course Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs or people on walks? I secretly think she has Petzi and Cosi trained to answer emails – it’s the only explanation. A common behavior issue with dogs is separation anxiety. The first step is to teach your dog that other … Each session is personalized to your needs and challenges and can be done, you find that your dog is chewing on things when left alone. Aggressive and Leash Reactive Dog Training Some call it aggression, others call it reactivity, leash reactivity.. Reducing aggression, reactivity, or fear means desensitizing and counter-conditioning your dog to like the trigger gradually, and teaching an alternate response behavior. Get step-by-step training help for your leash reactive dog and enjoy more relaxing walks together. Choose a date above to see available times. I love the change – he got more calm since I switched his food and treats,…, You know how you feel when you are under pressure and kind of feel tested? Get step-by-step training help for your leash reactive dog and enjoy more relaxing walks together. We had an especially nice long walk this morning. View Course. You may also like: Teach your dog place command That means your dog will not “defend” his bowl or food when someone walks near him while he is eating. You start to engage with him again! There are multiple protocols out there, but they all boil down to one basic concept: the goal of leash reactivity training is to keep the dog below their threshold of frustration, so they are able to see the thing causes the reactivity, without getting upset. Dogs love to please, dogs love to do what pays off in their favor. For more exercises to help with this very important topic, let DogRelations give you a private dog behavior lesson and show you the many ways you can make feeding time fun and educational at the same time. There isn’t a “magic” trick that turns a … Drop It & Leave It. And so, since your dog is now forced into this stressful zone he reacts, usually by barking and lunging, at whatever he cannot avoid. We believe good manners should come from your dog automatically and voluntarily. In fact your dog might interpret those leash jerks as encouragement to pull even harder. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to care and relate your experience and wisdom to our problem. We did some research, and ended up with two referrals: the physical therapist in the animal hospital, and Elisabeth Weiss of DogRelations. Contact the Pet Helpline. For specific advice and how to time your reinforcements properly contact us at DogRelations and we will be most happy to consult with you, give you individualized advice or teach your dog all the skills he needs in a private in-home dog lessons. Contact us for a dog separation anxiety consultation. OUR TEAM CONTACT US COURSES. Mostly commonly, leash reactivity is caused by a dog being or feeling restrained when around other dogs. Elisabeth started off with a comprehensive evaluation of Oreo and her needs from a very holistic approach. The dog greeted me with great enthusiasm.…, About 6-7 months ago I got an inquiry from a guy who had a puppy who was “boisterous” and he wanted “it” trained. Wouldn't it be a good idea to create a course? We were considering various training methods when a fellow Weimaraner owner referred us to Elisabeth. The care Elisabeth gave her contributed a lot to his quality of life. Secondly it will teach your dog that he does not have to worry about his food or his bowl and so will prevent resource guarding. He still has his loving, gentle, funny personality while being able to listen and respond to commands.

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