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Fortify Your Finances: The Smart Response to UK Benefit Changes


   Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

As the safety net shifts, discover the peace of mind offered to you by income protection, and how it can shield you from the impact of stringent benefit regulations.

Amid concerns from the Prime Minister about the “concerning” rise of people deemed “unfit to work” and claiming benefits across the UK, it would be easy to catch yourself wondering about the future of our benefits system, which has been begging for reform for some time now. With the government planning to “make it far more difficult for people to claim out of work and sickness benefits”, it’s become clear that relying on benefits in difficult circumstances may not always be a feasible option for all of us, whatever the outcome of the next general election.

That’s because no matter which party is leading the government, the fact remains that there’s a finite pot from which the government can divert funds to help its people. Unfortunately, the time for being funded by tax-payer money has passed, and now it’s time for proactive protection on a ground-up basis, starting with those who stand to lose the most if, for example, they had to take time away from work due to injury or illness, or even if they were made involuntarily unemployed.

Which is what Income Protection Insurance is for – to safeguard your future in the event of unforeseen circumstances throwing a wrench in your plans. Instead of falling back on a benefits system that’s tenuous at best, an IP policy would stand to give you up to 65% of your usual monthly income every month that you’re away from work because of accident, sickness, or involuntary unemployment for up to 12 months. Kesh Thukaram, Co-Founder of Best Insurance added that “buying income protection is much easier than people often think. It usually takes less than 30 minutes of your time and can be completed online or on a call with one of our trained advisors”

Put your peace of mind first and set aside your Universal Credit application. Invest in Income Protection today.