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If you were unable to continue making monthly payments for your mortgage, rental, loans or other regular outgoings due to loss of employment have you considered how this could negatively impact upon your and your family’s life? And how you would meet these commitments?

In these uncertain economic times anybody can suddenly find themselves out of work through redundancy, illness or an accident at work and struggling to meet financial outgoings.  The wise person will chose to take out a Payment Protection Plus Insurance policy with Best Insurance to ensure that they are covered in these unfortunate circumstances.

Payment Protection Plus Insurance from Best Insurance will provide financial assistance to meet your monthly outgoings.  The basis of qualification for eligibility for this policy is the combination of mortgages, loans (excluding personal loans) and rent.  Through this policy Best Insurance will cover up to 150% of your mortgages, loans and rents and this is not restricted to one mortgage if you also have buy to let mortgages.

The maximum benefit that you can insure yourself for with a Best Insurance Payment Protection Plus policy is up to 50% of your gross monthly income.  Simply put you can insure yourself up to 150% of mortgages, loans and rents and 50% of your gross monthly income, whichever is lower to the maximum benefit amount of £2,000.

Whilst you are working is very easy to take your salary for granted but once this stops meeting your financial commitments can be a major headache. Get insured now with Best Insurance Payment Protection Plus and secure your future against the negative effects of unemployment.

For information on Payment Protection Plus and other insurance policies from Best Insurance visit their easy to use www.bestinsurance.co.uk Or call their friendly team of advisors on  0330 330 9465.

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