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Have you ever considered how you would meet your mortgage repayments in the event that you lost your job or source of income? Dipping into savings can only realistically be viewed as a short term measure. If you are saving for a purpose such as retirement, your children’s education or home improvements, this is an option that can seriously affect those future plans. The prudent answer to this problem is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

Best Insurance offer Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) which is a form of payment protection for your mortgage that will provide you with the much needed financial support to help you meet your mortgage repayments should you suddenly find yourself out of a job.

MPPI from Best Insurance offers you total peace of mind so that in the event of unemployment, sudden illness, accident, an injury or involuntary redundancy you do not have the added stress worrying about the possibility of losing your home. This could happen if you are unable to meet the mortgage repayments without monthly wages or salary to cover this cost.

Many Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance policies will only pay out within a month of your income stopping.  The expert team at Best Insurance have your best interests at heart. They will find an MPPI policy for you that will be back dated right from the date your income stopped, so that there is no gap in your mortgage repayments and you can rest assured that you are able to pay your mortgage and not risk losing your home.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance from Best Insurance is an affordable way to protect your home, your family and you future from the unexpected effects of losing your income.

For information on Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and other insurance policies from Best Insurance visit their easy to use www.bestinsurance.co.uk.   Or call their friendly team of advisors on 0330 330 9465.